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Sports Testing

Take away the guesswork, the eye test, and bias by sport specific testing. Using technology accurate to a thousandth of a second and combined with professional, age based, national level data sets, athletes will no longer have to guess where they stand.

Test to Know. Know to Perform.

Sports Analytics

The box score gives you a bite sized view of performance. Analytics dive much deeper into not just the Who and the When, but the Why and How to adapt.

Analyze to Know. Know to Perform.

Training Science

Whether you have been working on your craft for weeks or decades, training is where you get better. Not all training, planning, or hours of sweat equity are the same – Long Term Development requires knowing your sport and your body.

Know to Train. Know to Perform.

Leadership & Sport Psychology

Science, analytics, & hard numbers allow you to Know to Perform; putting it into action takes attitude and effort. PASS Labs works with professional & amateur teams, academies, and across multiple sports to bring a strong curriculum of total body awareness to athletes at every stage of their career.
Know Yourself. Know to Perform.

Know Yourself. Know to Perform.

PASS Labs University

Capturing Data is one thing, Analyzing it to fit your needs as an athlete is another. Diet, Caloric Intake, Caloric Expenditure, Heart Rate Monitoring, Training Stress, Training Load, Macro & Micro Cycling & Fatigue all combine to affect performance.

With PASS Labs Long Term Development model we take all of this into account, but with PASS Labs U, we can teach athletes how to understand themselves so they can gain the edge to compete at their highest level.

Understand to Perform.

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