Director of Sports Science

Nathan grew up playing multiple sports and dreaming of being an astronaut. While working on a BS, MS, and PhD in rocket science, he also played minor league baseball and spent time on the Q-Tour trying to play in the PGA. After graduating & spending time at NASA & other tech companies, he started racing triathlons, categorized road bike racing, adventure racing, and long distance running events. Having a kid wanting to play competitive hockey, he certified in USA & Canada Hockey programs, coached, and began developing bio-feedback mechanisms and algorithms for young athletes to maximize being a kid while still performing at a high level in their sport. While not enjoying time being a dad & working in the community, he is a Chief Information Security Officer in the technical sector.

Having spent time in so many different types of sports & in the competitive racing world, it made sense to develop sports science for young & developing athletes; there is a lot of professional level sports science in place but only anecdotal information for younger athletes. Nathan created PASS Labs (Performance Analytics & Sports Science) to combine his math & science background with his sporting background in order to give an unbiased view into where athletes are currently; developing goals for where they want to go, and then delivering a personalized plan for how to achieve those goals. Currently working on a thesis project for an MS in Sports Science, Nathan’s goal is to help build complete athletes through physiological, psychological, and personal wellbeing via Long Term Development while removing the stress & pressure of “right now” culture.

With ACES Academy, Nathan gets to help build Long Term Development in athletes through technical Sport Testing, Skill Development Curriculum, Individualized Wellness programming, and Individual Action Plans. At ACES he has access to some of the best people on and off the ice who share his passion for driving kids to be quality people first, and great athletes second. ACES truly gives kids a chance to be academically successful, give back to the community, and through hard work / sports science be great athletes. Nathan is proud to be a part of the team!