Shawna Riggio - Dance Teacher

Originally from Los Angeles, Shawna Riggio has spent over twenty-five years dancing. Shawna danced on the So. Cal All-stars dance team, guest starred/recurred in roles on networks such as FOX, MTV, ABC, Disney, CBS, and NBC, danced in a variety of commercials, music videos, music awards shows, worked with dozens of artists, performed throughout Europe and most recently danced and instructed dance in Barcelona, Spain. She continues to train as a physio technician, artist, life coach and teacher.

Shawna’s role as mentor to her students is primary. The synergy of dancer and artist can only be actualized through self-confidence, self-love and courageous integrity. The implementation and focus on self-development, character and emotional intelligence in her lessons provides her students the opportunity to awaken and unveil their unique voice. Empowering her students to discover and shine their light in the world coupled with the raw vulnerability of artistic expression allows precious space for authenticity to emanate. In this intentional class infrastructure, dance is a vehicle through which self-development is achieved. Shawna is certified and continues her education in yoga and physiology therapy.