ACES and Inclusiveness

At ACES, we are committed to growing the wonderful game of hockey. We are on a mission to make the game more accessible by catering to all ages and abilities, economic classes, genders & and being inclusive with all the adaptive hockey disciplines. ACES believes that part of the educational curriculum focuses on giving back to the community.

ACES Partnerships

We have chosen to partner with the Colorado Amateur Hockey Association (CAHA) & The Colorado Avalanche to help grow adaptive hockey. Throughout the year, ACES students and staff collaborate with CAHA’s VP of adaptive hockey, Craig Patterson, to organize events to create awareness and opportunity for the blind/deaf, special needs, sled, and warrior community.

Fundraising and Equipment Drives

In creating opportunity, ACES hold various fundraising & equipment drives throughout the year to help the different Colorado adaptive hockey teams purchase ice, equipment, and coaching. Please join us in helping create more opportunities for the adaptive hockey community.

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