The ACES Sports Academy academic curriculum also includes enrichment classes in Art, Spanish, Music, and Leadership Development.

.Focusing on:

      • Social Emotional Learning:  Our content supports the personal development of students in the areas of self-awareness, self-management, decision making, and relationship skills.
      • Character & Leadership Development:  When students have learned how to effectively lead themselves, they can go on to lead others. Lessons in character and leadership are based on stoic philosophy from the earliest of our world’s thinkers and teachers. Students focus on personal values, mindset and the importance of choice. They expand personal capacities for confidence in roles that positively impact surrounding communities.
      • Cultural Competencies:  Our work in cultural competence builds our students’ world view, so they may effectively understand their own cultural identity while remaining open to cultural differences of others. We work deeply on respectful discourse and teach students to understand fairness, equity, and work towards equality in opportunity.
      • Financial Acumen: A critical part of self-sufficiency in society is having a clear understanding of money: how to earn, spend, invest, and save, making responsible decisions for operating sustainably as a citizen.
      • Entrepreneur Mindset:  Units in entrepreneurship focus on a way of thinking. They are about seeing and creating opportunities, turning thoughts into things, collaborating, managing risks, and pursuing a vision.